The coating of neodymium magnet:

1.Magnets need to be coated: First ,in NdFeB components, iron is about 64%.The molecules of NdFeB magnets is very active, easy to react with oxygen in the air. If the  magnets are exposed to air   without plating, it will rust and thereby affect magnetic force. Second,electroplating cost is low , and helpful to extend magnet working life. The last but not least, if no coating, magnets don’t need to be chamfered, so the sharp edges will also affect the use effect and easy to scratch your hands.

2. We have a variety of coatings for your choice:  zinc, nickel, nickel-copper-nickel,  gold, epoxy, silver, chrome,etc . And the price is competitive.

3. Whether does coating effect satisfy the requirements: plating uniformity, no watermark, no pitting, not easy to fall off.

4. Be aware of when using magnets: Avoid damp and corrosive environments ,and should not  to vigorously rub the surface of the magnet or avoid to being scratched by Sharp objects. 

Layer/option Thickness of layer color Work temperature PCT Moist heat resistance Salt mist resistance Assess of Corrosion resistance
White zinc 5-10um Silvery white ≤120℃ >24hr >100hr >12hr general
Blue white Zinc 8-15um Blue white ≤120℃ >24hr >100hr >24hr general
Color Zinc 10-15um rainbow ≤120℃ >24hr >100hr >24hr general
Nickel 10-20um Bright silver ≤160℃ >22hr >300hr >24hr better 
Ni-cu-Ni 15-25um Bright silver ≤180℃ >36hr >300hr >48hr good  
Epoxy 20-50um Black ≤120℃ >36hr >300hr >96hr Super
Phosphate layer 1-3um -- -- -- -- -- poor
Ni+Au 10-20um gold -- >22hr >300hr >48hr good
Chromium (Cr) 20-30um Dark silver ≤120℃ >48hr >300hr >48hr good