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Customer and Friends

Release time:2017-05-23 15:14     Author:Kendy

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I’m worked on AIM company has been two years. Within these time,  i was knew lost of customer.
Someone kind and funny, someone rigid...But i would like to say thank you to all of my customer,
because they help me to grow up and teach me many things.
I would like to share a story about my customer E this time.  We knew each other on September 19th, 2015.
I got E’s iquiry from Alibaba.  I have sent an offer to him, also listed the packing details, delivery time,
picture an so on. After that, i was called him immediately to make sure he get my offer. So E remenbered me.
We have good coummunication. I have sent the PI to hime after confirm all details, and apply for prepared
the material to him with my manage. After that,  i’m not get any information from him for a week. G (E’s frined)
told me he alrealy placed order to other supplier, because he got lower price. I was feel sad but only can said
“hope we can work together in the future” .
About 2 week later, I got email from E, he asked me to help him to deal with his last order. That supplier
didn’t sent out the goods within delivery time, and that supplier no answer his phone call. The fisrt things in
my mind is “why i need to help you?” But few minute later i agreed, because E treats me as a friend and he
trust me too, i can’t refuse. I was spent lot of times to contacted this suppier. Finally, E received that his good.
At the end, E place his order to me until now.  We are not only supplier an customer, we are also good friend.
We like to share the funny things, travel picture and so on to each other. I just want to said, it’s so glad to know you,
and i hope i can make more friends with my customers.