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AIM said the magnet

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First of all, we come to understand the operation of the magnet about the theory: the existence of a magnet in
the regular molecular current, and the current generated magnetic field magnetization of other objects produced
an electric field, has a force role. So that the non-stop movement of the magnet inside the irregular movement
of electrons can be used as a "spin" method for asmall range of automatic arrangement to form a magnetic field,
and generallythis self-formed belt The magnetic domain is called "magnetic domain"

Speaking of magnetic domain is so simple. Although its theory is "the use of quantum from the micro-magnet
magnetization mechanism," this is a difficult rhetoric. In terms of popularization, that is the case! The latter part of
the so-called magnetic domain, "it refers to the material within a small area, they contain a large number of atoms
inside, after the magnetite magnetization, its internal domain on the neat and consistent rehearsal , It makes it even
more strong magnetic "is it is smelly and long, that is dry and astringent article, it is difficult to let most people understand!