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The Spring Festival

Release time:2017-02-14 14:41     Author:Kendy

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The Spring Festival refers to the lunar New Year in traditional Chinese culture whose origin is itself centuries old.
Celebration of the festival lasts a half month in which families get together, friends visit each other and
companies have a long holiday.

In preparation of the Spring Festival, people start to buy some decorations, presents and firecrackers. Some
traditional families make antithetical couplets themselves and others tend to get some from the store, but anyway
antithetical couplets are necessary in the Spring Festival. A big clean-up gets underway a few days before the
Spring Festival to make the house more comfortable and mainly sweep away the bad luck of the last year.

The eve of the Spring Festival is considered as the most significant moment in which families have a feast of
chicken, fish, meat and necessarily dumplings. After dinner, the whole family sit together to enjoy some delicious
snacks and fruits and watch the Spring Festival Gala on television. At midnight, firecrackers and fireworks are lit to
greet the coming of lunar New Year.

On the first day of the lunar New Year, children get Red Packets from parents and relatives and the family pay a
new year call door to door, first to relatives and then to friends and neighbors. Firecrackers are lit when a new year
call happens. The host and the guest bless each other with lucky words and a gorgeous meal is used to greet the guests.  

The end of the Spring Festival is marked by the Lantern Festival, which celebrated by eating Tangyuan and seeing
lantern shows. The Spring Festival is not only the most solemn traditional festival of China, but also the important carrier
to release the emotions of Chinese.