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The History of Dragon Boat Festival

Release time:2016-06-28 18:47     Author:Wendy

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9th June is our Public Holiday-Dragon Boat Festival, we’ll introduction its source & history.

According to the "Historical Records " records, Qu Yuan who is the grandson of the Spring and Autumn Period
minister. He advocated the virtuous can grant, prosperity country, advocated Qi Gang Qi. But it was the nobility
vanilla and others strongly opposed, he was resigned slander and  driven out of the capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang
River. During his exile, wrote a concern for the fate of "Lament", "Heaven", "Nine Songs" and other immortal poems,
unique style, far-reaching (in thus Dragon Boat Festival also named poet festival).

In 278 BC, Qin defeated Chu Kyoto. Qu Yuan saw their country was invaded, heart, but still could not bear to
abandon their homeland, in the fifth day of May, in wrote a swan song for "Huai Sha", the bouldering vote Miluo
River in his death, his own life, composed of a magnificent patriotic movement. The legend of Qu Yuan's death,
Chu people sad endless, have flocked to pay homage to Qu Yuan Miluo River. Fishermen who is starting vessels,
fishing in the river back and forth to his true identity. One fisherman out of Qu Yuan to prepare rice, eggs and
other food thrown into the river, that is to allow the fish to eat crab, lobster instead of bite flexor doctor body. An old
doctor brought a jar of wine on them poured into the river, that is to drugs halo water dragon beast, to avoid hurting
flexor doctor. Later, for the fear of the dragon balls to eat, people come up with neem leaves board, Cai wire wrapped
around outside, to develop into Zongzi. Later, in the fifth day of May each year, there is a dragon boat races and eat
dumplings, drinking realgar wine customs, in order to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.