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Magnet application on life

Release time:2017-01-11 15:53     Author:Wendy

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Keywords: Magnet on life

Magnetic screwdriver
When we use the screwdriver to fasten the screw, we often need the fixing screw. The existing common
screwdriver is very inconvenient to use. We can say the magnet and the head of the screwdriver together
so that it can absorb the screws, which play the role of a fixed screw. For ordinary screwdriver we can
prepare a magnet, the head of the screwdriver in the same direction of the magnet more than ten times to
make its head magnetized to be able to absorb the screws.

Magnet storage box
We have some small things, such as sewing, card readers and so on. These little things in our messy columns
often missing, we can make a magnetic storage box to store these things. Magnetic storage box small size can
be free to security in the side of the iron.