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DIY Playing Game-Fun Fishing

Release time:2016-10-27 11:53     Author:Wendy

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Fishing with magnets is a very interesting thing. First do a fishing rod and some fish, and then use it to
demonstrate how the magnet attracts some objects. If you do two fishing rods, you can play with friends
to see who caught more than fish.

1. draw the shape of the fish on paper, and then cut it with scissors.

2. the paper clip to each fish.

3. gently put the fish into the basin, if the fish sink also does not matter.

4. one end of the string tied to the magnet, to be firm.

5. the other end of the string tied to the stick, and stick with tape to avoid slipping the rope on the stick, so the
    magnetic fishing rod to do a good job.

6. holding a fishing rod to the basin edge, put it slowly into the water, the fish put the fish catch up. The paper
    clips made of iron are attracted to the magnet. Magnets can also enter the water, so you can catch fish sink to
    the pelvic floor.