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Copper coil+ magnet + battery = train

Release time:2016-10-22 11:17     Author:Wendy

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A magnet can be adsorbed on the battery, because the battery is inside the nature of the core, the battery
will not be attached to a magnet to change

Second, the nature of the magnet with conductive, test copper wire, magnets, batteries may constitute a loop.

Condition occurs Ampere force is energized conductor in a magnetic field, and the current direction and the direction
is not parallel to the magnetic field strength. Attached to the battery poles of the magnet provides a magnetic field,
a small train during operation, the magnet had been in contact with the copper wire, plus a battery voltage is supplied
to form a continuous loop move. At this time, the current direction of the magnetic field direction and copper are not
parallel, may indeed produce Ampere force, but the Ampere force acts on the wire, does not lead to moving a small train.
But when the current from the copper coil produces a magnetic field through a surface perpendicular to the forward
direction of the current existence of an equivalent annular magnet, then, Ampere force that is generated.