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Usually shielded magnetic field, multi-finger steady magnetic field or low-frequency magnetic field,
mainly by the front of the "short circuit", such as the landlord of the box made of high permeability materials,
the box will wear out the "magnetic lines" The bulk material forms a closed, and the outside of the box
is greatly reduced.

1. As the shielding effect, the higher the permeability of the material the better; the same material, the thicker
the better; the same material and thickness, the more layered the better. In addition, the magnet should be
placed in the center of the shielding box, in order to avoid a side of the magnetic field lines are more concentrated,
leak out more.

2. If the high-frequency magnetic field shielding, it is a way: a good conductive material such as metal, the use
of high-frequency magnetic field on which the formation of alternating eddy currents, the formation of the opposite
magnetic field to eliminate the original magnetic field, essentially two magnetic fields Superimposed, in the
shielding of the external cancellation, the synthesis of new magnetic circuit within the shield.