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The reason of strong neodymium magnet has a special package to shipping.

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Standard air vessel & air package is using Box+Foam+Metal together, same as photo:

From all customer who buy strong neodymium magnet has different question on it. Most customer always ask us
why need strong neodymium magnet has a special ways to deal with package no matter shipp by air or vessel.

The reason as below:
1.For keep Permanent magnet material must be installed with magnetic armature or shield, to prevent the magnetic
   field caused compass instrument deviation.

2.Ensure that the magnetic field strength measured at a distance of 2.7 m from the surface of the package does not
   exceed 200 nT (ie, 2 mGs = 0.002 Gs) before shipment.

3.Protect the magnet not being damaged in transit, with standard air & vessel package, magnet won’t attract other goods.
To be precise, a 25mm diameter x 20mm thick neodymium magnet package need to add more metal to magnetism isolating.